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Of course, there can be less civilized ones but cannot be generalized and also this is possible in US and Europe.

Sexism’s everywhere, which is travesty, but there you have it.

Cuts have affected women’s services - Women’s Aid reported that 6,337 out of more than 20,000 women looking for help at a refuge were turned away last year.

It usually starts when you gather up a decent holiday squad, and you all try to decide in one frantic group chat where to go.

Of course this will lead to a disagreement over location (someone is dead set on going to Marbella, someone else wants Istanbul), people exiting the chat dramatically and a long awkward silence amongst remaining members.

If you are a survivor of gender-based violence, you will know that the assistance you get is based on which postcode you live in.

If you live on the right street you’ve got a better chance of getting help, but if you live on a neighbouring road, well, sorry but there’s little that can be done to help.'Anyone who has ever worked with victims of domestic violence or sexual violence knows that there is a postcode lottery of service provision,' Labour MP Jess Phillips tells me, she has been working alongside campaigners to get this to the vote.

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