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Notes from the Log Lady intros When cable channel Bravo obtained the rights to air reruns of in 1993, David Lynch directed all-new introductions to each episode featuring the Log Lady, portrayed by original actress Catherine E. These intros also appear as options on the DVD and Blu-ray collections of the series.

Possibly, the horse is also representative of Sarah's own role in the deaths of her daughter and niece, as she seemingly refuses to consciously acknowledge what has been happening for years with her husband.It gets to a certain point in the evening when the lecture yaks stop and the begging for sex begins. When you do meet, how do you even begin the conversation? So what is that drives our little town to such lengths just for a one night stand?For me, asking an online community for a bit of “how’s your father” is not only the peak of desperation but a sordid affair. For a naïve mind we could suppose the motivation is a sense of fearlessness but really it’s just sheer desperation.So how did we get from such a cautious stage of cyber protection to offering ourselves out on Yik Yak for quick fling?I know if I dared to post such a yak anywhere near my hometown, some random beer-bellied 40-something, with a half drunk can of Stella, yelling ‘Alrigh’ luv? There’s definitely reasoning behind the idea that in a student town the quality of your order will be better and safer.

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